Error: Required field missing: Fund when downloading gift from AuctionMaestro Pro

When importing gifts from AuctionMaestro Pro users may receive the error message "Error: Required field missing: Fund" This will occur if the Fund-An-Item gifts themselves do not have the corresponding Raiser's Edge fund designated on their AMP record. 

1. Log into AMP
2. Go to 5,2 [Enter Items & Assign Donors]
3. Choose "Find Item By" and locate the item.
4. Go to the "Enter Item Detail/Picture" tab
5. Under "Raiser's Edge Fund Information", assign the desired fund
6. Click Save Now
7. Attempt to download the gifts in Raiser's Edge again

This integration is now supported by Maestro Software. Questions regarding resources, functionality, or troubleshooting or Maestro Software can be directed to Maestro Support.


 Raiser's Edge

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