Error: No files are available for download at this time when downloading gifts in the everydayhero plug-in

When attempting to download gifts from everydayhero in Raiser's Edge users may receive the error message "No files are available for download at this time" even when gifts have been made to the everydayhero website. Users may also notice gifts made on everydayhero are missing from the import file.

When a donation is made on an everydayhero page there is a 3-7 day waiting period before the payment can be dispersed. Once the payment has successfully been processed and disbursed to an organization, it will be queued for download. Import files are made available on a weekly basis. Please allow up to two weeks for the import file to be prepared and made available before attempting to import again.

If the files do not appear after the waiting period follow these steps:

1. Log into Raiser's Edge
2. Navigate to Plug-ins > everydayhero integration > Settings > Login
3. Note the access key listed here
4. Confirm the access key matches what appears in everydayhero for Raiser's Edge

Note: After updating the access key, results may take up to a week to become available for download in the plug-in.


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