Site Administration link to BBIS re-prompts user to log in after v4.0 SP10 Patch 39

After the release of version 4.0 Service Pack 10 Patch 39, users are now re-prompted to log into BBIS after clicking the Site Administration link from the Web functional area in BBCRM. 
Download and install the latest hotfix which contains all fixes from previous releases.  

Workaround: If you go back to CRM and click the Site Administration link again, you will not be re-prompted to log into the applicaiton. 

Steps to Duplicate

1) Navigate to the Web functional area 
2) Under Configuration click Site administration 
3) Notice that you are now logged into the BBIS home page. 
4) Select any area within the application (Email, Site explorer, etc.) 
5) Notice that you are not re-prompted to log into BBIS. 


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