In order to turn off or move the email forwarding to another service provider, please follow the steps below
  1. Chat with Blackbaud Support to request a file of existing email accounts and forwarding information. You can use this information to determine how many forwarding accounts exist for your organization. 
  2. When you are ready for Blackbaud servers to stop forwarding emails, remove the following values from your DNS NS (Name Server) records: 
    • Blackbaud's Primary DNS server - [] 
    • Blackbaud's Secondary DNS server - [] 
  3. If you are moving to another service, you will need to replace Blackbaud’s DNS settings with settings from your new provider. 
    Warning: Great care should be taken when changing nameservers for a domain.  Nameservers are used to direct the all internet traffic to all of the services associated at your domain name.  This includes but is not limited to email service and websites.  Incorrect changes to nameservers or DNS records may cause the following issues if your email forwarding domain is also used for other purposes: interruption to incoming email, deliverability problems with outgoing email, website may be unreachable by others, etc.

    BEFORE changing the nameservers for your domain, make sure that you have configured DNS records for all services associated with your domain name with your new nameservers to ensure continuity of service.  If you need a list of existing records for a zone managed by Blackbaud, you can contact customer support for help. If you decide not to transfer service and let this service end for your users, we recommend you still remove the nameservers from your domain. 
  4. Remove user email forwarding parts from your BBNC or BBIS pages. You can check to make sure you've removed all user email forwarding parts by logging in and going to Site Explorer > Pages & Templates and performing a search for Pages containing part type of "Email Forwarding Form." Edit the page containing the part and remove the Email Forwarding form part from each page.  Note: These parts will be deleted automatically in a future BBNC or BBIS release.