Editing a multi-level event registration to remove a registrant does not update the event's Registrations tab

You might notice that editing a sub-level event registration in a multi-level event, the Registrations tab does not update correctly when a registration is deleted from the Edit registration form. Further, the Registrations tab on the sub-level event record also shows the registrant as still being registered.
The correct process to remove an event registration is to use the delete option to remove unwanted registrations which will display the records correctly.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Create a multi-level event with 3 sub-level events.
2. Add the same registrants to each sub-level event.
3. Go to the Registrations tab of one of the sub-level events
4. Edit the registration of one of the registrants.
5. Delete the registration for one of the sub-level events and click save.
6. Notice that the registrant still appears to be attending all sub-level events when viewed from the Registrations tab of the main event.
7. Go to sub-level event for which the registration was deleted. Notice that the registrant still appears in Registrations data list.


 Blackbaud CRM

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