Cost/response not updating in Direct Marketing Effort

When using the Budget/Expenses area of a Direct Marketing Effort you may not see the Cost/Response area populate or change when Cost is entered. 
If this information is attempted to be entered after the marketing effort has been activated this will not be possible as all of this information is calculated prior to the effort being active.  Part of the setup for the marketing effort is ensuring that the specific option of ‘per response’ is selected while setting up the package.  Below is the SQL statement that obtains that value. If the marketing effort is active it is pulling from the MKTSEGMENTATIONPACKAGE table, otherwise it pulls from the MKTPACKAGE table.  If it is active, most likely the package cost was not set until after the effort was activated.
       when 1 then 
           when 1 then case when @CURRENCYCODE = 1 then [MKTPACKAGE].[ORGANIZATIONUNITCOST] else [MKTPACKAGE].[UNITCOST] end else 0 end +


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