How do I add a new Education History status for Constituents?

The Education History section of a Constituent includes a form to add Education History. This form contains a drop-down for Status. Your organization may need to add new items to this drop-down.
Use a page that contains the "Educational History Status Add Data Form". This form is activated when the BasicEducation module is unlocked. To search for this form, navigate to Administration > Application > Features > Data Form Search. Once selected, click the "Page References" tab to go to the page that adds items to the drop-down.

If BasicEducation is not installed, Contact Support and reference this article. 

Note: The "Educational History Status Table Entries" code table will not add items to this drop-down.

Steps to Duplicate

1) On a Constituent's page, select the Education tab
2) Next to Education, click +Add
3) On the "Add Education History" form, click the drop-down for Status
4) If you would like to add a new Status here, use the following steps.


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