Aliases are being incorrectly created by online event registrations

You may notice that Altru is creating aliases for people even though the alias isn't similar to their own name. Upon further investigation you may find that these aliases are created by online event registrations where someone was attempting to register their family member. 
This is caused by the constituent matching setting threshold for webforms being too low. Altru's recommended matching threshold for webforms is 93-100% match to be linked to an existing constituent, and 92-0% for a new record to be created. 

You can change this threshold by: 
  1. Selecting the Administration tab
  2. Clicking Constituent Matching settings
  3. Click Edit
  4. Change the threshold percentages for webforms

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Select the Web tab > Click Manage Event Registrations
  2. Click the chevron next to a webform approved pre-registered event and then click it's URL
  3. Register one constituent, noting the address, email, phone number, and last name > Click Add to Cart
  4. Fill out the personal information fields. Ensure to use the same address, email, phone number, and last name, but make sure the first name is different in some way. 
  5. Proceed to checkout. 
  6. At the checkout screen, keep the same address, email, and phone number. For the name, choose either the name you filled out in the registration, or the name you filled out for the personal information section.
  7. Checkout.
  8. Navigate to the profile of the constituent you purchased the registration for > Click the Personal Info tab > Click Personal. Notice the alias was created for that constituent. 


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