If you experience an improvement when accessing the same Hosting and application accounts via the alternative URL testlogin2.blackbaudhosting.com, please capture the following information:
  1. Run a tracert to ctx-login2.blackbaudhosting.com
    1. Open the Windows Command Prompt:
      • On Windows 7, open your start menu and type CMD in the search bar.
      • On Windows 10, type CMD in Cortana / search bar adjacent to your start menu.
    2. Click CMD / Command Prompt to open Command Prompt.
    3. Type tracert ctx-login2.blackbaudhosting.com in the command line and press Enter.
    4. Take a screenshot of the results once the tracert has completed.
  2. Run the Akamai speed test:
    1. Navigate to http://www.akamai.com.t1.re/ 
    2. Click Start speed test!
    3. Take a screenshot of the results.
  3. Run WinMTR on an impacted workstation:
    1. Navigate to http://winmtr.net/how-to/.
    2. Download WinMTR-v092.zip on an impacted computer.
    3. Extract the WinMTR.exe for your platform (32 or 64 bit).
    4. Double-click the appropriate WinMTR.exe file for your platform.
    5. Click Run when prompted.
    6. In the Host field, enter ctx-login2.blackbaudhosting.com.
    7. Click Start to begin capturing results.
    8. Allow WinMTR to run for approximately 5 minutes on the workstation.
    9. Click Export TEXT to export the results.
  4. Email the following results to your Support Analyst, including ‘Test Results’ in the subject line: