The refund total is incorrect for transactions discounted by order

When querying on the total refunded amount on an order, you may notice that the refund amount is greater than the sales amount. 
This issue has been resolved. If you experience this error, please chat with support to provide the exact steps that were taken.

Steps to Duplicate

  1.  Go to Sales > Daily Sales
  2.  Add items (tickets or merchandise) to the order 
  3.  Apply an Order Discount 
  4.  Complete the Order 
  5.  Refund the Order. 
  6.  Go to Analysis > Information Library 
  7.  Click add a new ad-hoc query 
  8.  Select the source view of Sales Order 
  9.  From the middle column, drag Lookup ID to Include Records Where and set this to be equal to the Order number of the order you rang and refunded.
  10.   From the left column, highlight Sales Order Item. Drag Type to Include Records Where and set this to be one of Tickets, Merchandise (whatever you purchased initially). 
  11.  From the middle column, drag Net Amount and Quantity to Results Fields to Display. 
  12.  In the left column, highlight Refunded Item. From the middle column, drag Quantity and Total to Results Fields to Display. 


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