Queries no longer populate results using the 'Equal to' criteria after adding a Sponsorship Program

After adding a new Sponsorship Program, all queries using the content 'Equal to' no longer populated results. If you change the contents of the query from ‘Equal to’ to ‘Contains’ or ‘Begins with’ the query populates the correct results.  
We're currently evaluating this issue for a fix in a future patch or service pack.

To resolve the issue change the criteria of the query to 'contains' or 'begins with'.

Steps to Duplicate

1) Navigate to the Analysis functional area  
2) Click Information Library
3) Search for a query using the criteria of 'Equal to' 
4) Edit the Ad-Hoc Query
Note that when you preview results you receive the same results even when changing the criteria to 'contain' or 'begins with'. 

5) Navigate to the Sponsorship functional area  
6) Under Configuration select Sponsorship Programs
7) Add a new Sponsorship Program 
8) Click Save

9) Navigate to the Ad-Hoc Query from Step 3)
10) Edit the Query
11) Preview results
12) Note that the query now shows no records found 



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