Unable to apply payment added in one currency to a commitment using a different currency

When attempting to apply a payment to a commitment using one currency to a pledge or recurring gift that was made using another currency the commitment is not able to be selected as the application.
Go to the Administration functional area and click Currency. Then click Currency exchange rates. In order to make an installment payment using the Japanese Yen to a pledge that was made using the Euro, the exchange rate from the Japanese Yen to the Euro needs to exist.

If the Euro is needed to pay an installment on a pledge that was made using the Japanese Yen, the exchange rate needs to be listed from the Euro to the Japanese Yen.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Add a pledge using the Euro
2. Go into an Enhanced Revenue Batch and make sure the columns Transaction currency, Exchange rate, and Base exchange rate are present.
3. When the constituent information has been entered, find and select the pledge from the Opportunity column.
4. Select the Japanese Yen as the Transaction Currency.
5. Notice that when going to Apply payment, the pledge installment is unable to be selected as the application.


 Blackbaud CRM

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