You can pull this information in one of two ways in Altru: 
  1. Run the Giving Detail ReportYou can run the Giving Detail Report with a simple revenue selection. This report will show you Amount, Pledge Balance, Constituent, Date, and Designation for each gift made during your date range. This report displays any Donations, Pledges, Pledge Payments, Recurring Gift payments, Matching Gift Claims, or Matching Gift payments made during your date range. 
    1. Go to Revenue 
    2. Under Reports, click Giving Detail 
    3. Under Include, check the box for Selected Records. This will prompt you to insert a query selection to further filter your report. Click the search icon.
    4. A selection search screen will appear. If you have an existing selection of gifts over a certain amount, you can use that selection. If not, click Add to the right of the search results, choose Ad-hoc Query, and follow the instructions below:
      1. Select the Source View of Revenue and click OK. 
      2. In the new ad-hoc query screen, drag Amount from the middle column to Include Records Where. Set this to be greater than or equal to your amount. Note: You do not need to include any other filters. The report will filter your results further. 
      3. On the set save options tab, name your query and click Save and Close. Note: The boxes to Create a selection and to Create a dynamic selection should be checked for you. Leave these selections as-is. 
    5. Optional: Under Designation, you can search for a specific designation if you'd like to filter the report by designation.
    6. Optional: Under Appeal, you can search for a specific appeal if you'd like to filter the report by appeal. 
    7. Under the Date filter, choose your date range.
    8. Click View Report. 
  2. Create a Revenue Query: You can create a revenue query to show you any gifts made over a certain amount in a specific date range. You can use query filters to show only specific revenue and add additional query fields to show you any additional information you need. 
    1. Go to Analysis > Information Library 
    2. Click Add an ad-hoc query 
    3. Select the source view of Revenue and click OK. 
    4. In the next screen, drag Amount from the middle column into Include Records Where. Set this to be greater than or equal to the amount you need. For example: Amount is greater than or equal to 5000. 
    5. From the middle column, also drag Date into Include Records Where. Set this to be equal to the date range you are looking for. For example: Date is between 1/1/2015 and 12/31/2015. 
    6. Next, you need to add a filter to tell Altru what revenue you'd like to include (for example: donations, memberships, etc.) From the left column, highlight Application Details. From the middle column, drag Application to Include Records Where. Set this to be equal to or one of the applications you're looking for. For example: Application is one of Donation, Pledge, Recurring Gift, Matching Gift. For more information on how to filter on contributed revenue, see our related solution: What query filters should I use to find contributed revenue?
    7. Once you've added your filters, you can add the information you need for your reporting to Results fields to display. Here are some suggestions: 
      1. Constituent/Name: To view the constituent name, highlight Constituent in the left column. From the middle column drag Name, First Name, and/or Last/Organization/Household/Group Name to Results Fields to Display.
      2. Transaction Type: To view whether the payment was a pledge, payment, or order, highlight Revenue at the top of the left column. From the middle column, drag Transaction Type to Results Fields to Display. 
      3. Revenue ID: To view the Revenue ID of the payment, with Revenue highlighted at the top, drag Revenue ID to Results Fields to Display. 
      4. Application Details/Application and/or Application Details/Designation Name: Will show you what the payment was applied to (a donation, etc.). To view this, highlight Application Details in the left column, and drag Application and/or Designation Name to Results Fields to Display. 
      5. Application Details/Amount: If you have gifts that are split over multiple applications or designations, you can also use the Application Details/Amount field to see how they were split. With Application Details highlighted in the left column, drag Amount from the middle column into Results Fields to Display. 
    8. Here is an example of the final query. This query pulls any payment (donation, pledge payment, recurring gift payment or matching gift claim) made this calendar year over $5,000. Note: we are also including Order transactions to include any donations received in Sales Orders (Online Sales, Daily Sales, or Advance Sales). User-added image