You can enroll a student in a prior term to ensure that they're enrolled in future terms.

To add a Student to a Prior Terms Roster, navigate to:
  1. Academics > Scheduling > Requests and Schedules > Classes
  2. Select the School Level, and Term (ex. Fall Term)
  3. Expand the Department
  4. Click Manage Sections on the Course Title that you wish to add the Student(s)
  5. Select the Section
  6. Search the Student(s) names in the box, and change the Start Date to the beginning of the first term such as 9/7
  7. Click Save & Close
Check to ensure this added them for the Future Term(s), if not add them to the Future Term(s) using the same method. 

Navigate to:
  1. Academics > Scheduling > Requests and Schedules  
  2. Select Manage Enrollment
  3. Search for the Student
  4. Click View
  5. Select Enroll next to the Term name (in this example Fall 2016-2017)
  6. Enter the Start date of the Term (such as 9/7/2016)
  7. Mark the Class or Classes to enroll the Student in
  8. Click Save & Exit

This will enroll the Student in the Prior Term (Fall) and future Terms as long as the course has that many terms enabled.