Two members of a household are receiving the same appeal letter

When looking at the output of your appeal mailing you may notice that two members of the same houshold were pulled into the same letter. Upon looking at your appeal configuration, you notice that you had "Send one letter per household" selected as well. 
  1. Verify the address processing options are set to "Send One Letter Per Household." If not, we need to change this setting. 
  2. Verify there aren't organization records being pulled in related to the constituent. 
    1. If there is, make sure the address processing options are not set to contact individuals and organization contacts. 
  3. Verify there aren't any duplicate records. 

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Navigate to Marketing and Communications > Appeal Mailings
  2. Add an Appeal Mailing
  3. FIll out the necessary fields and click the radiobutton "Send one letter per household". Click Nex 
  4. In "Selection of constituents that will receive this letter" click add. Add a query that pulls two members of the same household. 
  5. Define your mail content, or choose the Export a .CSV file option. 
  6. Click next
  7. Run the mailing
  8. Download the output to see that both members of the household were processed into the mailing. 


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