You can report on total money raised via email by running an Donations by Email Message report.
  1. Fundraising > select Donation Management
  2. Select the Donation Reports tab
  3. From the dropdown menu, select Donations by Email Message and click Go
  4. Click Next until you reach step 9. Date Filtering
  5. You can choose a Pre-defined date range, or a Custom defined date range
    • Note: This filter is for donation date, not the email send date.
  6. Click Next until you reach step 13. Configuration Summary
  7. Give your report a label and click Submit Report
  8. Click Refresh Report List periodically until you see "Download" under the Actions column
  9. Click Download and open it in Excel
This report shows all donations within the specified date range across all emails and campaigns. To see the total amount of money raised, you can sum the column of "TOTAL_TXN_AMOUNT_THIS_FILTER".