How to embed a website in CRM

It is possible for a CRM page to function as a Web Browser, allowing you to view any Web Site from a single CRM page. To do this, create a Page Section that embeds the URL of any Web Site. This allows a CRM user to view live data from any Web Site, and navigate to other pages while remaining on the CRM page. This allows users to view updated data, reports, or information from other Web Sites. It is also possible to display your own HTML or embed just a widget.
Create a new Page, or enter Page Designer and add a new Tab to an existing Page.

To create a new page: Go to CRM > Administration > Application > Shell Design > "Pages" tab. Click +Add. Give it a name and description. Set "HideExplorerBar" to False, "AutoGenerateKpiActions" to False, and keep "RecordType" blank.

1) Click "..." next to Tabs, then click +Add. Create a new Tab with "Visible" set to True, and then click "..." next to "Sections".

2) Click +Add on the "Sections" screen. Use the following settings, and set URL to the Web Site you'd like to display.
Visible     = True
SectionType = WebPage

SectionDisplayStyle = Block

Collapsed = False

HideRefresh = False
ContextType = PageContext

Url =

IsScrollable = True

AllowNavigation     = TrueNone

AllowWebBrowserDrop = True

ContextMenuEnabled = True

ProvideCredentialsFromLogin = False

ScriptErrorsSuppressed    False

ScrollBarsEnabled = True

UseHttpGetAndLoadManually = False

ShortcutsEnabled = True

3) You now have a CRM Page that works like a Web Browser, allowing you to view and navigate information on other Web Sites! Next, use Shell Design to create a Task to display your new Page (set ActionType to "ShowPage", and ContextType to "None"). You can also create an optional new Functional Area to display on top of CRM.


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