Media files added in database view do not appear as Attachment in NXT web view

Users may notice that some media files from database view are missing or do not appear in the NXT web view as Attachments. Some media files can be successfully seen as Attachments while others do not. 
  • It may take up to 60 minutes for media files added in the database view to appear in the web view, and none over 100MB appear. Confirm that the file size is under 100MB and wait until these are synced. 
  • Is the Media file attached to a Proposal?  If so, the corresponding Attachment in web view will be listed on the Attachments tile of the Opportunity record in the web view. 
  • If the document is a PDF, confirm the file type of the Media not appearing in NXT - Is this a compatible version of Adobe Acrobat? 
    • Adobe Acrobat 11 is not supported and these documents cannot be converted from the database view into the NXT web view
    • Most file types are allowed except .exe (executable) files
For more information, please see Attachments vs Media? 

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Go to a constituent's record in the database view
  2. Select the Media tab
  3. Confirm Media file size and name
  4. In NXT web view, search for the constituent's record 
  5. On the Attachments file, confirm no filters are selected
  6. Specific media files do not appear

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