Dorm Terms can be set up by a Platform Manager through the Years & Terms task.

As a Platform Manager:
  1. Navigate to Core > Settings > School information> Years & Terms.
  2. Select the appropriate School Year.
  3. Select the appropriate School Level.
  4. Click Add Term.
  5. Enter the following information:
  • Term name: the term name, e.g. 1st, Fall.

  • Description: the term description, e.g. Trimester, Semester

  • Sort order: the order in which the terms will display in dropdown menus throughout the site.

  • Begin date: the first day of the term.

  • End date: the last day of the term.

    7. Click Save & Close.


If you do not see Dorms as a group option, this may not be enabled for your school. Please contact support if you need Dorm Groups enabled.