Incoming students can complete course requests online provided the task is selected on the Incoming Student role and there are active dates set on the Online Signup Setup page. (To verify proper setup, refer to this article.)

After logging in, the Incoming Student should select My Day > Course Requests. From there, any courses that have been offered for the student's incoming school level will be displayed in a list on the left, organized by department or grade level, depending on how the school level is set up.

The Platform Manager can check for task access on the role by the following:

  1. Navigate to Core > Security > Roles
  2. Click the Incoming Student link located within the Constituent group
  3. Click the Tasks link within the Role tile on the left
  4. Within the *Online Signup category under Navigation Tasks, the tasks listed should have the checkboxes marked; if they are not, click the Edit button and mark the boxes
The Online Signup Manager can open up course request access by performing the following steps:
  1. Navigate to Academics > Scheduling > Requests and schedules > Course Request Setup
  2. Repeat for any other terms the Incoming Student should request courses for
  3. In the Incoming Student row for the term to be available, select a date (today's date or prior) in the Signup Begin field
  4. Select a time in the field to the right, if desired
  5. Select a date (and time, if desired) in the future for the Signup End date
  6. If your school uses the approval process for course requests, select the role that should have Recommend and Approve authority from the applicable drop-down
  7. Select a value for Min Request (the minimum number of requests the student should make, if applicable)
  8. Select a value for Max Request (the maximum number of requests to be made)
  9. Select a value for the Min Enroll (the minimum number of courses the student should be enrolled in)