To create the list, navigate to:
  1. Lists > More Lists
  2. Click List Templates 
  3. In the Category dropdown, select Constituent Information 
  4. Next to the List titled Parents With Children click View/Copy
  5. Within Select Objects, under Constituent Information select User Address. In the pop up box, select User Base.User ID
  6. Click Select
  7. Select the Display Fields Tab
  8. Click Select Fields
  9. Expand User Base, User Address and mark Address Line 1, City, State, Postal/Zip
  10. Click Select
  11. Select the Filters Tab
  12. Within Object Filters click + to add an Object Filter
  13. In the field dropdown, select User Address.Address Type any of Home
  14. Click Select  
  15. Title the list, place in a Category if desired
  16. Click Save or Save & Exit 
If you ONLY wish to see Current Students, you would want to add Object Filters for Grad Year. Grad Year is not Null. This way it only pulls in users who are Current Students at the School.
Within Object Filters, click the + and add the following Global Filters:
  • User Base [2].Grad Year is not Null
  • User Base [3].Grad Year is not Null
  • User Base [4].Grad Year is not Null
  • User Base [5].Grad Year is not Null