Typically this is due to the format of the frequency date not matching the regional settings in The Raiser's Edge. For example, if the regional settings within The Raiser's Edge are US, even if the database is set to CAN, and the date is entered as Date/Month/Year, instead of Month/Date/Year, we may see this error, especially when the Month is entered with a value greater than 12. To resolve, the XML data for the transaction will need to be edited to modify the date format, or the transaction can be manually entered into The Raiser's Edge, and then deleted from the plugin.

If you want to pursue editing the XML of the transaction, Click Chat with Support and reference this article. Please be prepared to share the following information with Support:
  • If you're fully hosted by Blackbaud, Support will need a username/password to access Citrix, and a username/password to access The Raiser's Edge, and the name of the member this is happening for
  • If your Raiser's Edge database is not hosted by Blackbaud, Support will need to do a screenshare in order to access the data