All of eTapestry's online pages automatically check for duplicates using the following fields:
  • Account Name
  • Street Address
  • Email Address
If the information that the donor submits on the online form matches at least two of those fields on any existing Persona, the online form will assume that this is a duplicate and merge the submitted information into the existing account.
  • eTapestry skips single character names so "Bob J Smith" matches "Bob Smith" because J is skipped
  • The database also skips punctuation; for example, "Bob Smith Sr." matches "Bob Smith Sr"
  • Within an address field, items that indicate the type of road are skipped (i.e. "ave," "avenue," "st," and "street") so "123 Oak Street" will also match "123 Oak"
  • All searches and comparisons are based on blocks of text so "" matches "," because "" is included in ","
In the event that the database finds a matching account, eTapestry will add a Note to the Constituent's Journal page indicating the merge. The Note includes information that the Constituent entered on the webpage, but eTapestry did not add to the Constituent's Persona. For the steps on how to run a query and report to compare this information, please see When submitting an online donation, a donor used different information from what is on their existing account.

To improve duplicate matching for your Constituents, we recommend the following:
  • When an eCommerce or DIY Form asks for a middle name, change it to ask for the middle initial. Alternatively, you can eliminate the middle name field.
  • When you run the Online Journal Entries Report, select the option to check for duplicates. This may identify duplicates that were overlooked by this automatic duplicate checking process.
  • Encourage website visitors to enter their information consistently by including verbiage that asks them to enter the same name and address information that is on file with their bank. For the steps to add this text to a DIY Form, please see How to add a text box to a DIY Form?