When wanting to log into the Raiser's Edge as the Supervisor user, you will need to log into Blackbaud Hosting Services with any user's login for Blackbaud Hosting Services as there isn't a Supervisor account for getting into the hosted environment. Supervisor credentials are specifically for logging into the Raiser's Edge and not related to any users who may have Supervisor access. For more information on this, please see What is the difference between the Supervisor login and a user with supervisor rights?

Additionally, if Windows Authentication has been set up, the user will not be prompted to enter the Supervisor login credentials. That user can do the following:
  1. Log into Blackbaud Hosting Services with their hosting login
  2. Launch the Raiser's Edge
  3. Navigate to Admin > Security and open up their user profile
  4. Unmark the box next to Windows Authentication and make a note of what is in the box
  5. Save and close record
  6. Go to File > Exit and Sign out of the Raiser's Edge
  7. Re-launch the Raiser's Edge icon from within Blackbaud Hosting Services
  8. Enter in Supervisor credentials
  9. Once completed with Supervisor tasks, the user may go back into Admin > Security and re-add Windows Authentication back so the next time they log in, it will not prompt them for a password. 
    1. Please see How to allow users to log in without entering a password using Windows Authentication for more information on this.