This may occur if your Site Administrator has set an invalid password, such as a password that has already been used for this account, or the password was stored in a web browser. To resolve: 
  1. Have your Site Administrator test logging into Blackbaud Hosting Services with the affected account on their machine. If they receive Invalid Credentials as well, they'll need to reset the password by reviewing the password requirements to resolve. 
  2. If your Site Administrator does not receive Invalid Credentials in testing, remove the stored password for the Blackbaud Hosting Services url in your web browser: 
    • To remove the password in Google Chrome
    • To remove the password in Mozilla Firefox
    • To remove the password in Safari 
    • Internet Explorer does not have a way to remove url-specific passwords. The entire password cache would need to be deleted throwing away other Blackbaud as well as non-Blackbaud stored passwords and is not recommended. 
  3. If you are using Internet Explorer or are having trouble deleting the stored password, manually type your datacenter url to only the fully qualified domain name and try logging in.
               For example: 
  •  If your are in the Boston datacenter and use a desktop shortcut or browser favorite to access the page, such as:, manually type in only (you may need to hit the spacebar once to remove history auto-filling the remainder of the url) and hit Enter on the keyboard or refresh the browser page. Try logging in with your new password. 
If the error persists:  Chat with Support and reference this article.