BBIS Web Transaction Error: "This batch cannot be edited because of its workflow status or because it is locked by another batch process"

When trying to re-establish a user's BBIS account through a sign-up web transaction import, an error message displays after attempting to download the pending web transaction and it goes to the failed transactions list.

We are currently evaluating this issue for a fix in a future service pack.

Steps to Duplicate

1. In BBIS select the Users & Security tab and select a user with an established BBIS account

2. On the user record screen select the BREAK LINK button for BBCRM Linked Constituent Information

3. Click Ok to the "Delete User" Prompt

4. Click Return and go back to Search Users Screen and Find the User that was just deleted (check the deleted filter box)

5. On the User screen click the "undelete and generate a sign-up transaction" hyperlink

6. Go to the WEB tab> WEB Transactions> Manage Web Transactions

7. Under Pending Transactions > BBIS Sign-Up Transactions should show as "1", Click Down Arrow & Download

8. Process runs with exceptions, Go to Web Transactions > Failed Transactions and error message displays



 Blackbaud CRM

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