Error “CK_CONSTITUENTSITES_SITEREQUIRED” when validating in an Enhanced Revenue Batch

When validating an Enhanced Revenue batch, the error CK_CONSTITUENTSITES_SITEREQUIRED occurs. It only occurs for those constituent records that have been edited in batch. If the record is edited directly on the constituent record and not in batch, the validation error does not occur.
The solution is to recreate the application user.  Should this not be a viable option please refer to the workarounds below:

1. Validate the batch - get the errors (if there are any)
· If the batch has errors - Commit the batch and Uncheck the Validate batch on commit checkbox
· Commit the batch
· It will commit the good rows in the batch and put the bad ones in an exception batch
· Go back to batch entry and open up the exception batch and validate - it will clear out the error messages
· Save the batch
· Commit the exception batch, leaving the Validate on commit checkbox CHECKED
- It will save the remainder of the batch

2. Delete the rows with the error messages and re-enter them making sure to not edit the constituent. Error will not occur.

3. Edit the constituent outside of batch directly on the constituent record, then go back to batch. This is the work around they are currently using.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Create an Enhanced Revenue batch with either an import process or manually.

2. Go to Administration\Batch\Batch entry\Uncommitted Batches

3. Select a revenue batch and open it by clicking Edit batch.

4. Once the batch is open go to the Constituent area on the top of the batch and click Edit. 

5. Make a change to the constituent information in the Edit individual window that opens and then click save.

6. Click Validate in the Processes area at the top of the batch window.

7. See error occur.

Note, this does not occur for those records that were not edited per steps 4 and 5 in batch or were edited outside of batch directly on the constituent's record


 Blackbaud CRM

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