You can get this data by running an Email Messages report in Report Writer.
  1. Once you get to step 5. Configure Filters, click Edit next to email campaign
  2. Click more...
  3. Mark the checkbox next to "Name" to select all of the campaigns on the page
  4. Click Next and mark all campaigns again
  5. Keep doing this until all campaigns are selected and then click Apply
  6. Click Save this filter
  7. Click Create a filter
  8. From the dropdown menu, select Email Performance Statistics
  9. In the bottom dropdown menu, select Send Started Date
  10. Select In Custom Range, or In Predefined Range and specify your date
  11. Click Add this filter
  12. Complete the setup and run the report
  13. On the Report Results tab, click Refresh this page until you see Download under the Actions column
  14. Open the file in Excel
You can get the total metrics that you need by summing the columns for Opens, Click-Throughs, Actions Taken, etc.