The Raiser's Edge Web Service is installed on what is known as the Raiser's Edge Web Service server also known as REWS and is specific to the NetCommunity - Raiser's Edge integration.

The Raiser's Edge Web Service is a component of the BBNC installation itself accessible only from navigating to the Blackbaud folder on the C: drive of the REWS itself. Additionally, the REWS must remain connected to the internet, be powered on 24/7, and meet the system requirements for the integration to work. The RE7Service acts as a web service facade to The Raiser’s Edge API and is accessible over HTTP. You must install the RE7Service web service on a machine that has The Raiser’s Edge client installed and properly configured to connect to the database in The Raiser’s Edge. Without Raiser's Edge Web Service, the two programs would not be able to exchange information.

Blackbaud Web Services is installed from within Raiser's Edge application itself and is used by various services including the Raiser's Edge - Luminate Online integration, Raiser's Edge Event Management App, and Data Enrichment Services such as ResearchPoint, WealthPoint, and PhoneFinder.

Blackbaud Web Services is installed from the "Web Services" icon within the Raiser's Edge navigation panel. Blackbaud Web Services can only be installed on one workstation and must remain connected to the internet and powered on 24/7 for the above services to run. The server hosting Blackbaud Web Services must meet the minimum system requirements for your corresponding version of Raiser's Edge. 

NOTE: If Blackbaud Web Services is installed on the same server as Raiser's Edge Web Services (for NetCommunity), connectivity issues can occur for NetCommunity or the Mobile Event App.