This can occur if the number of gifts currently in the Raiser Edge / Luminate Online (RELO) plugin exceeds the set limit of updates displayed in the plugin. By default, the set limit 250 gifts. It's important to note that the filtering options only apply to transactions currently visible in the plugin area and not all transactions available.

For an example, if you have 500 gifts awaiting processing in the Gifts and Registrations area and the limit of updates in the plugin is set to 250, you would only be able to see the most recent of the 250 gifts and wouldn't be able to see the older 250 gifts even if you filtered by the date the older transactions were made on. You would either have to process the first 250 gifts or increase the limit of updates visible and available for processing in order to see those older gifts.

To adjust the limit of Gifts and Registrations that appear in the plugin:
  1. In Raiser's Edge, Select Raiser's Edge / Luminate Online (RELO) Plugin
  2. Select Options
  3. Enter the number of updates you'd like to display in the "Maximum number of updates to display" field
  4. Click OK
Note: Increasing the number of updates that appear in the plugin may affect how quickly your Gifts and Registrations area loads. It's recommended to increase this limit in small increments and allow extra time for the list to load when the filter is set at a higher number. Best practice is to keep the pending number of Gifts and Registrations within the 250 default limit as much as possible.