Multiple batch spec revisions take a long time to complete when upgrading a Blackbaud CRM database

When upgrading a Blackbaud CRM database, Constituent Batch, Constituent Update Batch, and Enhanced Revenue Batch template specs take a long time to complete.
There is no product-level change available to resolve this issue at this time.

This issue is usually caused by the use of "one-off" batch templates. A "one-off" batch template is created when a user creates a new batch from an existing batch template, but them uses the "Customize fields of batch" option within that batch. When fields are added to the batch template this way, a new batch template is created in the database. Then, when batch spec revisions run against the database, it has to go through each of these batch templates to make the necessary changes. If the "Customize fields of batch" option is used every time some templates are used, users can end up creating thousands of batch templates in the database. 

If users are continually using the "Customize fields of batch" button, a better option would be to create a reusable template with the necessary fields added and using that template moving forward.  

Steps to Duplicate

Steps to duplicate:
1. Upgrade an affected Blackbaud CRM database to the latest Service Pack or Patch.
2. Notice that the Constituent Batch, Constituent Update Batch, and Enhanced Revenue Batch template loadspec revisions take a long time to complete. 


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