It is very possible that there is a duplicate mailing address for the student. If the same addresses for Home and Home 2, for example, are set on the student's profile and both flagged as Mailing Address, the comment is duplicated.

If the second address is deleted, the Mailing Address box is unmarked, or the address is modified to be different than the first address, then the report card comments will not be duplicated.

To remove/change the duplicate address:
  1. Navigate to Core > Users/Access > Edit User Profile Data
  2. Search for and select impacted student
  3. In Address region, edit the address that should be removed or changed
To delete the address:
  1. Click Delete
  2. If the address is shared by others, select the appropriate option
  3. Click Confirm
To modify the address:
  1. Unmark the Mailing Address indicator, and/or
  2. Change the address so that it is different from the primary address