Error: Record cannot be saved: Cannot edit distribution. Invoice has been posted - when changing payment method to credit card on posted invoice

This error may be received when trying to change the payment method of a posted invoice in Accounts Payable to credit card after it is posted. The reason we get the message is the credit card banks use their own liability accounts on invoices when payment method is setup as credit card. When we use any other payment method, the invoice's liability account is going to be the AP summary account as defined in Configuration>Default accounts in Accounts Payable. When we try to change the payment method, the credit card bank then attempts to enter it's own liability account but since the invoice is posted, the distribution cannot be changed.

To change the payment method to credit card, we'll need to delete the posted invoice : 

  1. Delete Posted Invoice
  2. Post Reversing Entry to General Ledger
  3. Enter new invoice with payment method as credit card.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. In AP, go to Records>Invoices
  2. Open the posted Invoice.
  3. Go to payment method at the bottom of the General Tab, and change it from the current payment method to credit card.
  4. click save and see the error.

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