To correct one, or both issues:
  1. Navigate to onBoard.
  2. Select Settings > Checklist.
  3. Click Edit to the right of your Checklist.
  4. Locate the Milestone that contains the step you're unable to change the status for. 
  5. Click Edit to the right of the Milestone, and check if it's an Entering/Exiting Milestone. 
  6. If it's an Exiting Milestone, note the Status, then check the next consecutive Milestone. 
  7. If the next milestone is marked as Entering - you'll either need to change this to No Change, or Exiting. You cannot have consecutive Milestones be Exiting, and Entering.
  8. If it's also marked as Exiting, check that you're not setting the same Status. If you are, set this to No Change instead.
  9. Save changes to the Checklists and apply to all Grade Levels/School Years to correct this error for Candidates that already have the checklist assigned.
  10. Save.