How do I increase my application font size in Blackbaud Hosting Services?

The Blackbaud Hosting Services Magnifier Tool allows users to change their Blackbaud product view from Normal to Large, making it easier to see and view within the Blackbaud products. On certain parameter windows in query, reports and generate transactions automatically, the enhanced zoom prevents users from entering information into fields that get cut off on the parameter tabs. The Magnifier Tool can be temporarily disabled in Blackbaud Hosting Services in order to fill out and run these report parameters. 

1. Log into Blackbaud Hosting Services through Citrix.
2. Double click on the Magnifier Tool. 
3. Select Normal instead of Large from the drop down.
4. Exit the Magnifier Tool.
5. Log into Education Edge or Financial Edge.
6. Access the query, report or generate transaction parameter fields that were previously cut off from being zoomed in too much. 

Steps to Duplicate

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Ex: When attempting to generate transactions in Student Billing, the end date field of the parameter is cut off because the program is zoomed in too much. 

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The Magnifier Tool is found in the Main Applications section of Blackbaud Hosting Services. 

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