1. FIMS provides you with a place to store the ACH banking information. See How do I set up ACH accounts in FIMS for adding a vendor's or grantee's ACH account information.
  2. You should check off the Use ACH Account box on the Payee radio button on the vendor/grantee record and select the ACH account to use.
  3. When making a grant, check to be sure the ACH Payment box is checked on the Additional detail radio on the Application.  It should check by default when entering an application if the the grantee is checked  as in Step 2. Imports and other means of creating grants might not check the box.
  4. If using many different processes for creating grants ( IGAM, DC, Imports, Copying from history or creating from Fund Distributions, etc), create a datagrid to hold important elements like the ACH flag