The All tab contains every new or updated constituent from Luminate Online.

The Linked tab contains records that are confirmed matches. This tab will only display the constituents from Luminate Online that are already confirmed to correspond with a constituent in the Raiser's Edge. These records will possess the unique ID's that allow the records in the two separate programs to communicate. 

The Matched tab contains records for which the plug-in automatically flagged as having a potential match for the Luminate Online record pre-existing within Raiser's Edge record based on the criteria designated in the Options section of the RELO plug-in. Matched records should be singled processed to prevent duplicate constituents from being created as the linking is not exact when bulk processing.

The Unmatched tab contains records that did not find a likely match within the Raiser's Edge. Once you are able to confirm they do not already exist you will be able to process and a new Raiser's Edge record will be created with the necessary ID's