How do I build a campaign?

How do I create a Campaign in everydayhero?

To build out your own campaign visit the 'Campaigns' tab on the left hand side of your screen, then click the green, 'Create' box.


Type in your campaign details, and chose whether is it open to all charities or only specified charities. Hit next to save your changes and move onto the next step, Settings, or hit cancel to come back to it later- don't worry, your work will be saved!


Once you are in campaign 'Settings' you can add all settings to your campaign like the dates, supporter page details and team creating abilities.

It's worth noting here that under the "Teams" section, one of the "Allow supporters to create teams" or "Allow supporters to join teams" options must be ticked to move forward with your campaign creation.

The 'Layout' section of your campaign build is where you upload your images for the Supporter Page Banner and the Supporter Page Background. The 'Banner Image' is what will appear behind the profile picture space and the Supporter Back Background will be the background for the page as a whole.



Once you've chosen your images and finalized all the other details to your campaign, you're ready to click 'Activate Campaign'!


Here is what a completed campaign will look like:

Once you've created your campaign, you can share your unique 'get started' URL with your participants so they can create their own fundraising page in support of your campaign!


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