I cannot resolve an unmapped transaction message in my Account Distribution report for a refund

When looking over your Account Distribution report, you may notice that some transactions are marked as unmapped. Even further when you investigate these orders you see that these unmapped messages are appearing for  a refund. 
This occurs when we process a refund before mapping the payment to the General Ledger. To prevent this, we will want to make sure that all transactions are mapped prior to performing any refunds.

Note: Once you have posted transactions to you GL, their mapping status cannot be changed, and the transaction cannot be re-posted. 

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Navigate to Sales > Daily Sales
  2. Search for a patron
  3. Add more than one different ticket for an single event to the cart. 
  4. Discount the order at 100%
  5. Now go to Sales > Order Search and search for this order. Double click this order. 
  6. Click Refund.
  7. Refund the amount after discount
  8. Now go to Financials > Account Distribution
  9. Run this report on the day of the order for Not Posted transactions. See that the refund is marked as unmapped. 


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