Relationship maps in BBCRM not showing in version 4.0

The Relationships Maps tab may be missing in CRM version 4.0.  In version 3.0 to access this you would need to go to the constituent record and choose More Information. This has changed in version 4.0, now you will need to go to the constituent record click on the Relationships tab, this will produce sub tabs one of those being Relationship Maps.
If this tab is not available this is due to it being locked out by Research Point. This is a default setting saying if that is installed to hide that tab. To check to see if this is an installed product follow these steps:
1. In the upper right hand corner of CRM it will say Welcome, (Name) click the drop down arrow beside that
2. Click About Blackbaud CRM
3. Look at all installed products and note if one of these is Research Point

If you find it is installed then you will need to lock that module, Enterprise as a installed product will handle the Research Point features. In order to lock the Research Point module, please call Blackbaud product support to obtain a lock code.

If there was a recent upgrade from 3.0 to 4.0 its possible Research point was installed when the database was re stamped. Once the lock code is entered the tab should should automatically appear if it does not you will need to refresh web shell to make it appear which is located in Administration\Administration\Application\Shell Design\Refresh shell navigation located on the left side of the page.


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