Unable to Edit WordPress page

When working in a WordPress site, user is unable to edit one page, but can edit other pages.  When selecting to edit the page, the page will time out or will not load.
**Please begin by verifying that the user can edit other pages in order to rule out a permissions issue.**

When code is created in Microsoft Word, and then copied and pasted into WordPress, it can cause the page to time out or fail to load when editing.  Copying from Wordbased products can cause additional styling, formatting, or code to be added into the HTML.  To resolve this, and allow editing on the page:

1. Select to edit the page
2. Click Refresh and Cancel in the browser before the page can complete loading  (this may take a few times to catch it at the correct moment)
3. Once you are able to see the code, use Control + A to Select All
4. Right click and select Cut to remove the text from the page
5. Paste the code in a text editor such as Notepad or Notepad++.  This will remove all styling and additional characters that have been added from copying and pasting.
6. Copy the code from the text editor, and paste back into the WordPress site.
7. Save the changes and reload the page.

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