I have added descriptions in my membership levels but when you go and look at the levels and online page it is even

After adding a description to only a few membership forms, you notice that your membership levels do not line up when viewing web forms.
This is a design issue that can be resolved by using CSS in your page designer. By default Altru's membership level containers will expand to adjust to descriptions added for memberships. This may cause the membership levels to not look uniform if all of your descriptions are not a uniform length. You can remove all of the descriptions from your membership levels, add a description of similar length to each membership level, or adjust the CSS of the membership form in the page designer to resolve this issue. To access the page designer follow the steps below:
  1. Click Web > Page Designer
  2. Click the colors & Styles tab > Advanced Colors & Styles
  3. Click edit style Sheet
  4. After adding your changes Click apply and then click save
  5. Click the next button and then click submit

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Navigate to your Membership Program
  2. On the Levels tab, Add a description to only a few levels
  3. View the web form associated with your Membership level
  4. See that the Membership Levels no longer are evenly spaced on the form


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