To import the Grant Tracking User Defined Fields Set:
  1. Click Management
  2. Click User Defined Fields
  3. Click Add Defined Field Sets
  4. Click Grant Tracking Fields
  5. Click Create
Once you have imported the User Defined Fields Set, you can click Management> User Defined Fields and you will see a new Category titled Grant Tracking Information, which contains the following User Defined Fields:
  • Grant Status: this field tracks the grant cycle; values include Submitted, Pending, Granted, Denied, and Accepted
  • Proposal Type: this field tracks the length of the grant; values include Single Grant and Multi-year Grant
  • Grant Action Priority: this field tracks the importance of the next action item; values include High, Medium, and Low
  • Next Action: this field tracks the next action item for the grant; values include Submit Proposal, Submit Report, and Check Status
  • Grant Name: this is an open textbox that you can use to write in the full name of the grant
  • Grant Purpose: this field is also an open textbox that allows you to type the overall purpose of the grant; this could be related to how your organization will use the grant funds, the Grantor's description of the purpose, etc.
  • Requested Amount: you will use this field to type in the request amount in terms of currency; for example, you can type 10,000 to indicate that you requested $10,000 (you do not need to include the currency symbol, the database will automatically include it for you)
  • Proposal Submission Date: 
  • Amount Awarded
  • Date Grant Awarded
  • Proposal Due Date
  • Amount Funded
  • Date Funded
  • Date of Next Action
  • Report Due Date
  • Date Report Sent
Please note, for any of the single-select User Defined Fields, you can add new values to the fields using the steps listed at How to add a new value choice to an existing User Defined Field?

For information about entering a Grant into the database, please see How to add a grant into eTapestry
For information about using the Grant Tracking standard queries, please see Grant tracking queries