Mail content not indenting correctly

While writing or editing a letter in Altru you may notice that using the "shift + Enter" combo when creating paragraphs causes issues with your indenting. Indenting a paragraph that is created with the "shift + Enter" combo causes the entire letter to indent messing up the formatting of the document
This issue occurs because the combination of Shift + Enter is considered a 'soft return' so the next line is still considered a part of the same paragraph. You would need to use the Enter button to separate the two paragraphs.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Click marketing and communications > acknowledgements
  2. Click Add
  3. Click Add in the write your letter's content section
  4. Start to write a letter that has multiple lines ( For best results have at least 5 lines)
  5. Place your cursor at the beginning of the third line
  6. Press "Shift + Enter" twice
  7. Highlight the entirety of the new paragraph that was just created
  8. Click the Increase Indent button
Notice that the entire letter indents and the letter loses formatting


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