How Does Links Plus Detect Attachments In Emails Being Sent to GIFTS Online?

For users of Links Plus or the Link to Outlook tool, it may help to know how the tool detects attachments and how this piece works, as it may help client IT teams troubleshoot issues affecting Outlook and the relationship it has with GIFTS.
What occurs when LinksPlus or Link to Outlook is launched is that, from the user's perspective, it prompts a connection to the GIFTS database or GIFTS Online site and utilizes a User Interface similar to GIFTS to allow users to link activities.

What occurs on the back end is that our tool will detect what type of email body content is involved - such as Plain Text or Rich Text - and based on that, will determine if there are any attachments worth bringing over.

If the email is HTML, it may have embedded content, such as a pasted image. This content is not considered an attachment in any way and will not be visible on the activity record.

In short, if there is a physical attachment on the email, then our system will pick it up as such and bring it over as an additional document.


 Firefox;Internet Explorer

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