You can accomplish this task by following these steps:
  1. Select Setup > Product Configuration
  2. Within the Message Catalog Editor tab, search for the word "reset"
  3. You will see the Default Label of "Change/Reset Password (Key: cons: change_password)"
  4. Click Edit Custom and a pop up will appear
  5. Copy and Paste this into the Enter Custom Text below: section:
<a href="[[S11:10]][[?[[S11:10]]::?::&::?]]CMD=ForgotPassword">[[?x[[S9]]x::x[[S1:creation_date]]x::Set Password::Reset Password]]</a>

Note: Once this value is entered into the custom text field and saved, it will overwrite any previously entered value.  As the Message Catalog Entries do not use versioning, it is recommended to save any previously entered text from this field outside of Luminate Online if you wish to save the previous Message Catalog Entry text.