Please complete the following steps:
  1. Download the MatchFinder database
    1. In the Downloads section of, click the MatchFinder link.
    2. Click the link for the .zip file. The file name varies depending on the current month
    3. Select the "Save this program to disk" option and save it on your workstation. 
  2. Open The Raiser's Edge and copy the path of the MatchFinder database files found under Tools --> User Options --> File Locations
    • If blank, select a folder location where the MatchFinder database will be stored.
  3. Open the MatchFinder Database folder found in the step above
  4. If there is a database present, rename by adding _old to the end of the name
  5. Move the ZIP file downloaded in Step 1 to the MatchFinder Database folder determined in Step 2
  6. Double Click the ZIP file
  7. The zip file will contain two files - select both, right click and choose "Copy"
  8. Click the back button to return to the MatchFinder Database folder
  9. Right click in some blank space, and choose "Paste"
  10. Test to insure that the MatchFinder service is working