First, we'll need to create a query to find the Pledges that we want to update. The query criteria will vary depending on which Pledges you'd like to update, but if you'd like to update all of the Pledges that have Payments due on a specific date, we'll use the steps listed at How do I query on pledge payments due in a certain date range? to create our query.

Once you've created the query, we'll use the steps listed below to Mass Update the Payments:
  1. Click Management
  2. Click Mass Update
  3. Click Create New Scheduled Payments
  4. Select the Category and Query that you created to find the Pledges that are due
  5. Fill in the Scheduled Payment Date (in the event that a Pledge is included in your query, but does not have a scheduled Payment that matches this date, the database will not update the Pledge)
  6. If you'd like to mark the Pledge Payments as Final, mark the Final checkbox
  7. Fill in the Actual Payment Date; for example, if the Payments are due on January 15, but you received Payment on January 14, fill in January 14
  8. If you'd like to copy the Letter field that is on the original Pledge schedule to this Payment entry, mark the checkbox that says Copy Pledge Letter
  9. Fill in the values for any User Defined Fields you'd like to include
  10. Click Next
  11. Preview the list of updated Pledges
  12. Click Next to process the Mass Update