Email Deliverability Email Campaigns

Email Campaigns is the most commonly used and most powerful email tool in Luminate Online Marketing.

Email Campaigns: Email Express

The steps to create an email of this type differs mainly in the Email Express module which is a streamlined version of the Email Campaigns module, with fewer design and configuration options that allows less technical administrators to create and send email more easily.

Email Campaigns: Quick Email

Quick Email is for creating a quick message and sending without plans to compare subsequent sends, as there are no "campaign" groupings of these emails. You can still report on these messages, but they aren’t made to be associated with a specific campaign.

Email Campaigns: Coaching Email

Coaching email is configured when managing a TeamRaiser. Each TeamRaiser has its own section for Coaching Email. The unique feature of Coaching Email is that there are pre-created groups of TeamRaiser participants that can be targeted for the delivery, such as “Team Captains” or “Past participants.” These messages can be reported on, and can be accessed and sent by Event Managers. This module can also be configured to use the Email Express interface for easier administrator use.

Email Campaigns: Reporting

Email Campaigns have reporting when at the highest level when going to Email Campaigns under the Email menu, then selecting the Reports tab. This is where you can get cross campaign comparison reporting. If you want data for a specific campaign, first go to the Campaigns tab, then click on “Manage” next to the campaign you would like to report on. Once there, click the “Reports” tab to access campaign specific reports.

See Email Campaign reports here.

In addition there are message and campaign level reports that can be built in ReportWriter under the “Email” report type.

Report Writer Email Reports


Notifications are system generated email that mostly go to administrators. Things such as “Large Gift Notification” and “Datasync notice”. These emails are generated at the time of send and go out of the same port as autoresponders.


These are messages that are sent to constituents when triggered by constituent action. Most all of these messages are immediately sent after the action, for example “Thank you for your gift” or “Thank you for registering”, but there are some of these notifications that are scheduled. Scheduled examples include follow up emails on a Teamraiser, and sustaining gift thank you messages.

Constituent Originated Email

Constituent originated email consists of TellAFriend messages, eCards, Champion Center email in Personal Fundraising, and Participant Center Email in TeamRaiser. These messages have a different header structure than most email because the “From” name is the constituent, and the “From” email address is the NOTIF_FROM value in Site Settings. This is to ensure delivery, as many ESPs (Email Service Providers) will delay or block delivery when the outbound sender domain (your domain, doesn’t match the from address domain (the constituent’s domain, or whatever they may have). This way the email appears with the constituent’s name but has good deliverability. If the recipient decides to reply to the message there is a special field in every email called “Reply-to” which contains the constituent’s email address.