In order for the import to go through you must have the standard spelling for all Credit/Debit Card Types. If for some reason one is spelled differently or does not exist, you will need to edit or add it.
  1. Log into eTapestry
  2. Click Management
  3. Click System Defined Fields under Database Configuration
  4. Click Credit/Debit Card
  5. You should see all standard credit cards listed. Make the appropriate changes based on the error message you received in the import failure email. For more information on how to edit system defined fields, see our help document on that subject.
    • Visa
    • MasterCard
    • Discover
    • American Express
  6. Click Save and Finish when done
After making the correction, you can either wait until the next import runs the following morning or import now. To import now, go to Management > Integrations > Import Now under everdayhero.